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Fox News Pundit On Pat Buchanan: MSNBC Almost A 'Communist Channel' (VIDEO)

First Posted: 01/15/12 11:58 AM ET Updated: 01/15/12 12:32 PM ET

A Fox News host and contributor tore into MSNBC on Saturday for its treatment of controversial pundit Pat Buchanan.

Buchanan has been off of MSNBC since October, following the release of his latest book, "Suicide of a Superpower." The book contains some highly charged musings on topics like "the end of white America." Earlier in January, MSNBC president Phil Griffin said that Buchanan was being kept indefinitely off the air due to the book. Buchanan has said that he was given no word of his unofficial suspension and that he has been the target of "militant" gay and civil rights groups. He has also been making regular media appearances elsewhere.

One place he seems sure to find support is Fox News, if the views of host Gregg Jarrett and contributor Liz Trotta are any indication. Trotta harshly condemned MSNBC for keeping Buchanan off the air, saying that his book was "jam packed with facts" and that he had been "mercilessly assailed by the homosexual lobby" and Van Jones.

Jarrett said that some of the book did seem to "lament the browning of America." Trotta responded that nobody could be offended by statements like that. "Those are facts," she said.

Jarrett then seemed to come around to Trotta's point of view, saying that there appeared to be a double standard at MSNBC, since the network employs Al Sharpton as well as Buchanan. He wondered why a black man like Sharpton was allowed to remain on the air, while controversial white pundits like Buchanan and Don Imus were kept off. "Does MSNBC make its decisions through the prism of race?" Jarrett asked.

"MSNBC has become close to being a Communist channel," Trotta said. "They have moved all the talent that they support so far left. No one will touch Al Sharpton for making anything that might be considered an anti-white comment."

"If an African American says something that's arguably racist, he doesn't get fired," Jarrett said. "He gets his own show."

(via Johnny Dollar)

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