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Mouse In Big Mac: Rodent Gets Stuck In Bag Of McDonald's Big Mac Buns (Mealbreakers)

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Mealbreaker (n.): a nasty, non-edible surprise found in food while it is being eaten; often lawsuit-provoking, sometimes fabricated, always disgusting.

Karruim Demaio, a former McDonald's employee, shot a cell phone video of a mouse trapped in a bag of Big Mac buns at a Philadelphia McDonald's. In the video below, the frantic mouse tramples across many different buns. According to the Demaio, the manager ordered the employees to serve the buns, and has previously wiped off mouse droppings from buns and then served them. When Fox 29 asked the manager, she denied the claims.

"I was working there from October of 2010 to January of this year. There hasn't been a time when we couldn't go in the back and see mouse droppings on the bread," Demaio told Fox 29.

According to the Philadelphia Health Department, this particular McDonald's is not in satisfactory compliance with health standards; the owner is investigating the claims.

Video Shows Mouse In Bag Of Big Mac Rolls:

[Zagat via Consumerist]

Flip through the slideshow below for other recent Mealbreakers:

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