01/19/2012 08:05 am ET | Updated Jan 19, 2012

Electroboutique: Science Museum Pop Up Blends Technology With Absurdism

Russian artists Alexei Shulgin and Aristarkh Chernyshev -- better known as the art collective Electroboutique -- have teamed up for a pop up at London's Science Museum (running through February 14).

Their art encourages -- or demands, rather -- audience participation, with pieces such as "Punch Me" and "Media Mirror" becoming enlivened by a viewer's involvement. The pieces were created over the past seven years, with two works fashioned specifically for this specific showcase.

The pop up's website is quick to bush aside any potential claims of frivolity, claiming that "participants find themselves drawn into more serious questions around art production, design aspiration, technological progress, consumerism, capitalism, media control, and the language of corporate social responsibility."

Electroboutique has made waves before, most notably when they won the 2009 Kandinsky Prize.

Take a look at the pieces below and let us know what you think: Simple tech manipulation or provocative think-pieces?



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