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Lawrence O'Donnell Mocks Mitt Romney's Tax, Speaking Fee Comments (VIDEO)

Lawrence Odonnell Mitt Romney

First Posted: 01/18/2012 9:16 am Updated: 01/18/2012 9:40 am

Lawrence O'Donnell had some fun with Mitt Romney's awkward comments about his taxes and income on his Wednesday show.

Romney got himself into a bit of trouble when he admitted that he pays an effective tax rate of 15 percent, and brushed off almost $375,000 in speaking fees last year as "not very much." He is also being pressured to release his tax returns. On Wednesday, he said he was planning to release his 2011 returns in April.

O'Donnell smelled a rat in this promise from the GOP front-runner. "That means he can write his tax return with political convenience in mind," he said. "He can manipulate it to pay a higher tax rate than he has been paying."

O'Donnell also noted that most presidential candidates release many years of tax returns, rather than just one. He said Romney would probably continue to "make the mistake" of only releasing his 2011 returns, and that Democrats would "continue to bash him" over this.

Finally, O'Donnell took aim at Romney's speaking fees comment, saying that what Romney called "not very much" was "wicked huge" to the rest of the world.


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Below, more of Mitt Romney's awkward gaffes:

Oh, My Goodness!
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At a campaign stop this spring in Derry, New Hampshire, Mitt Romney pulled a gag that raised eyebrows. While posing for a photo with his arms around the waitresses at Mary Ann's Diner, Romney suddenly jumped forward, acting as if someone had pinched his hind quarters."Oh, my goodness gracious!" he exclaimed.

The GOP presidential candidate later said he was "just teasing" and the gag is "kind of fun to do."


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