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Sexting: Is It Actually Sexy?

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To sext or not to sext? Despite the Anthony Weiner scandal, the most compelling example ever of how wrong sexually explicit digital communication can go, sexting gets support from some quarters. For instance, this week dating expert Carlos Xuma is encouraging men to use the text message as a tool for getting women into bed. "The best seduction technique is for a guy to get the girl to start thinking about him in a sexy way hours before they have plans to see one another," Xuma said, according to a press release.

Glamour's Anna Breslaw apparently feels differently. On the magazine's Smitten blog, she advises men not to heed Xuma's advice: "Most women I know are more likely to be seduced via birdcalls," she wrote. "Or, like, Parseltongue."
Breslaw concedes that while a playful text could work if she was already into someone, "It certainly wouldn't 'seduce' me if I was ambivalent. In fact, it'd be a bit of a cheese-factory turnoff."

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