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Rick Perry Drops Out: The Best And Worst Moments From His 2012 Campaign (VIDEO)

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Texas Governor Rick Perry has finally come to grips with reality and decided to drop out of the contest for the Republican nomination for President.

But the interesting thing is how he ever made it this far.

Ever since Perry announced his candidacy back in August 2011, his poor debate skills made us laugh, his awkward campaign ads (especially this one) made us cringe, and some of his ultra-conservative Christian beliefs, combined with how often he expressed them, scared us witless.

And so, in memoriam, we compiled a short video of the highlights from Perry's bumbling and bizarre run for President. Let us never, ever forget these moments, no matter how painful they may be to bear.

CORRECTION: An older version of this article mistakenly called Rick Perry the former Governor of Texas. Perry is the current governor of the state.

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