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Shit New Yorkers Say (VIDEO)

First Posted: 01/19/12 09:11 AM ET Updated: 01/20/12 01:15 PM ET

Has the 'Shit ____ Say' meme jumped the shark? Maybe, but that doesn't mean the internet won't squeeze out a few gems before it runs its course.

Case in point: Shit New Yorkers Say. Bro and Sis team Eliot and Ilana Glazer cobbled this collection of New Yorkisms that are scathingly dead-on. Ie yelling at cabbies: "You HAVE to go to Brooklyn. It's the LAW!" How we begin most sentences: "I read about that in the Times." And the ultimate New York brag: "I was here on 9/11."

Girl Glazer's web series "Broad City" recently got picked up by Amy Poehler and is coming to FX. So expect more nebbishy NYC hijinks when it drops.


Filed by Jonah Green  |