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Bill Maher Compares Mitt Romney To Rappers: 'Straight Outta Salt Lake' (VIDEO)

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maher romney
maher romney

Mitt Romney's riches and venture capitalist past have already come back to bite him in the presidential race. Late night hosts have made their fair share of rich guy jokes, but we've never heard it put quite they way we did on "Real Time" Friday.

On this week's episode, Bill Maher offered up an interesting analogy: that people like Mitt Romney for the same reasons they like rappers. They like a rich person because they want to be rich themselves, but fail to see the huge wealth inequality chasm that separates them.

Consider this: many rappers flaunt their wealth and power in music videos and repeatedly imply that it's VIPs only, yet listeners feel included despite not having it all. Romney says he wants everyone to be rich, yet says a $374,000 speaking fee is "not much" when the annual U.S. median income is $26,353 a year. Instead of feeling ostracized, his supporters think they're part of the 1% by association.

"No matter how clear Jay-Z makes it that the hot tub is only for the coolest and most beautiful people, somehow when the song ends we think, 'That is us,'" Maher said. "That's how Romney rolls -- straight outta Salt Lake. Get equity or die tryin'."

To drive the point home, Maher took a look at some photos of rich old venture capitalist and popular rappers both flaunting their cold hard cash. Not that we'd say Romney is the second coming of Tupac or anything, but the similarities are pretty uncanny. Watch the full segment above.

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