From Actress To Icon: 11 Stunning Big Screen Transformations

01/24/2012 05:28 pm ET | Updated Jan 24, 2012

By now we all know that Michelle Williams and Meryl Streep underwent stunning transformations to nab Best Actress noms from the Academy this year.

And while biopic performances aren't anything new in Hollywood, few actresses are capable of embodying that magical combination of nuance, look and personality required to bring their famous female predecessors to life. From Kirsten Dunst as a macaroon-loving Marie Antoinette to Salma Hayek as Frida, Helen Mirren as the Queen and Marion Cotillard causing audiences to blink twice as Edith Piaf, we've compiled a list of the most outstanding actress-to-icon transformations Hollywood has seen in recent years.


Hollywood Onscreen Transformations