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Chris Kluwe Rips Skip Bayless On Twitter: Vikings Punter Goes After ESPN Analyst

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The list of athletes who have hard harsh words for Skip Bayless seems to grow by the day but it's quite possible that no professional ballplayer has expressed more rage toward the ESPN analyst than Vikings punter Chris Kluwe.

In the wake of the Ravens' loss to the Patriots, Bayless tweeted that he hated field goal kicking and referred to Billy Cundiff -- who missed a crucial kick in the waning moments -- as a "nonplayer." Needless to say, the Vike's specialist was not pleased.

Skip Bayless
Honestly, I felt sorry for Suggs/Ray/EReed. Fought guts out, lost b/c a nonplayer missed easy kick. WHY I HATE FG KICKING. Ban it!

Chris Kluwe
I know what we should ban! Uninformed opinions from shit-spewing e-thugs who tear people down to try to generate ratings!

Chris Kluwe
I'm confused . After Super Bowl XXXVI, you wrote that Vinatieri should be in the HoF. But now kickers are non-players?

Chris Kluwe
How is Adam going to make it to the Hall of Fame if you abolish his position ?! YOUR WORDS MAKE MY BRAIN ASPLODE

On Monday, Kluwe spoke with Bob Sansevere of the Pioneer Post in St. Paul. Sansavere used the interview to give the punter more than 140 characters to describe his disdain for Bayless... and he used them.

"First off, it's coming from someone like Skip Bayless, who never actually played a sport in his life," Kluwe explained when asked why Bayless's tweet bothered him. "For him to call someone a nonplayer, it's insulting to us who work at what we do."

Kluwe then shared one of the insults he would say to Bayless if he was ever invited on "First Take":

I hope you fall down an elevator shaft onto a burning pile of rusted AIDS needles.

While this vile remark won't likely have the bookers at ESPN calling him anytime soon, Kluwe will likely be hearing from the public relations department with his own team and quite possibly the NFL office.

Even by Bayless's standards, this has been a pretty rough couple of days in terms of athlete relations. On Monday, Bayless was called a "douchebag" on air by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs.

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