01/25/2012 05:47 pm ET | Updated Mar 26, 2012

#HighSchoolMemories: 20 Tweets About Your Best Teenage Moments

Whether you love high school or you're counting down the days until graduation (read: freedom), these are four years of your life that you'll never forget. From pep rallies and football games to milestones like getting your driver's license and falling in love for the first time, for better or for worse, you will remember these times forever. Some high school seniors (and sentimental high school grads) are taking to Twitter to reminisce about their teenage glory days and the moments they'll never forget.

Yesterday, #HighSchoolMemories became the number-two trending topic on Twitter. In honor of this massive showing of high school love, here are some of our favorite 140-character #HighSchoolMemories!

What are your favorite #HighSchoolMemories? Feel free to get nostalgic in the comments below or tweet your favorite moments @HuffPostTeen!


HighSchoolMemories Slideshow