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Mark Oxner, GOP Congressional Candidate, Releases Bizarre Ad

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We've seen a lot of weird ads this season, but nothing quite like this.

Mark Oxner, a Republican congressional candidate from Florida, released a 39-second spot this week depicting the Obama administration as a slave ship.

The video features several men and woman on a boat--"The U.S.S. Obamaship"--discussing how "this ship" has given them various benefits, such as a bank bailout and "free health care for life."

The video also includes shots of children rowing the boat while a man holding a whip watches closely.

"Let's not enslave our children with debt," Oxner says, as the boat heads towards the edge of waterfall. "It's time to turn this ship around."

Oxner said in a statement that this is the first of multiple ads he will be releasing as he vies for Florida's 27th District.

WATCH (h/t Slate):

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