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Katherine Heigl Surprised By 'Grey's Anatomy' Musical Episode And Admits She Can't Sing (VIDEO)

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Katherine Heigl's "One for the Money" press rounds have turned into something of a "Grey's Anatomy" goodwill tour this week. In several interviews, the former medical drama star discussed her regrets about leaving the show and spoke emotionally about how much she misses the cast and playing her character, Dr. Izzie Stevens. Friday on "Rachael Ray" (weekdays on ABC), Heigl reiterated many of those same sentiments, but also mentioned one "Grey's" episode she didn't mind missing: last season's widely-panned musical.

"I watched the musical episode, which I thought was so fun, and it was crazy to me that they could all sing. I was like, 'They did not display this talent when I was there. None of them were singing,'" she joked. When Ray asked Heigl if she had the skills to "bust out" a tune, the actress quickly quipped, "No, I cannot."

Want to judge for yourself? Watch Heigl's performance of Elton John's classic "Bennie and the Jets" in "27 Dresses."

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