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Kevin-Prince Boateng, Italian Soccer Player, Injured From Too Much Sex (VIDEO)

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An Italian soccer star has either the best or the worst excuse for an off-the-field injury: too much sex.

Kevin-Prince Boateng, a midfielder for AC Milan, is out for a month for a thigh injury he suffered off the field and hiis girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Melissa Satta blames the injury on their sex life, according to

"The reason why he is always injured is because we have sex 7-10 times a week," his girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Melissa Satta said. "I hate foreplay, I want to get straight to the point. My favorite position is on top so I can take control."

Adding insult to injury is the fact that Boateng already has a reputation for being brittle. But he's not the only pro athlete suffering from a wacky off-the-field injury.

In 2006, baseball pitcher Joel Zumaya suffered inflammation in his throwing wrist and forearm from playing too much of the band-simulating video game Guitar Hero, reported.

Meanwhile, baseball star Ken Griffey Jr. once missed a game after his protective cup slipped and pinched one of his testicles, according to

The site also reports that major league baseball player Glenallen Hill once missed several games after he had a nightmare about spiders that scared him so much that he fell out of bed and smashed through a glass table. Baseball pitcher Andy Eaton also missed several games after stabbing himself in the stomach with a paring knife while trying to remove the packaging of a DVD.

Although Boateng is getting razzed for his erotically charged injury, Patrick Jones of says it's far from the most humiliating off-the-field ailment ever suffered by an athlete.

"John Smoltz once burned himself ironing the shirt he had on," Jones said.

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