10 Recipes Made From Common Leftovers

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Everyone has their share of leftovers sitting in the back of the fridge. Whether it's leftovers from this past weekend's family dinner or a jar of salsa that's been around since the last time you had the munchies, the ingredients don't have to go to waste -- or even worse, be thrown out in the trash. If they're still salvageable, why not rescue them and give them a new life in a new dish for dinner?

Don't be afraid to make something from your leftovers. Some sad-looking vegetable can be reborn into a vegetable soup or a frittata. Half-full condiments can create some wonderful recipes like meatloaf, pork chops, beef stroganoff or chicken tetrazzini. The following recipes prove that leftovers can be made into something better than good, and you'll clean out the fridge at the same time.

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    Leftover Pasta Sauce
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    If you love chicken Parm, you'll love this version which uses up that leftover pasta sauce in the back of your fridge. The recipe makes 6-8 servings. Make this version healthier by substituting veggies for the pasta. Top each with the sauce and some shredded mozzarella to melt right in the grill pan. Get the Baked Chicken Parmesan Pasta Sauce recipe
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    Leftover Green Beans
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    Everyone has leftover green beans from a Sunday night family dinner. Don't toss them -- instead use them in this pasta dish. Cook up a package of store-bought ravioli (or any pasta) and toss it with the beans and brown butter. That's a quick and tasty weeknight meal! Get the Ravioli with Green Beans recipe
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    Leftover Barbecue Sauce
    You don't have to wait until summer to use that leftover barbecue sauce sitting in the back of the fridge. If it's still good, use it to make barbecued pork chops right in your oven. This recipe only needs 1/2 cup barbecue sauce -- it's further jazzed up with sauteed onion and garlic, and orange juice for some zing. Get the Oven-Barbecued Pork Chops recipe
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    Leftover Spaghetti
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    Italians always know the best way to jazz up leftovers -- and frittatas are the key formula. Use leftover spaghetti, vermicelli, or linguine in this recipe. The frittata has all the flavor of carbonara and tastes even better with bacon and steamed broccoli on top. Cut into wedges and serve warm or cold. Get the Spaghetti Carbonara Frittata recipe
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    Leftover Ketchup
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    Ketchup is a typical ingredient in the classic meatloaf recipe. This recipe uses 1 1/2 cups, which is probably the amount anyone has leftover in the fridge from last summer's burger cookout. The ketchup is first cooked into the tomato relish, 1 cup of which goes into the beef-and-pork meatloaf. The rest is used for topping. Get the Meatloaf with Tomato Relish recipe
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    Leftover Beef
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    Lots of leftovers from Sunday's roast? No problem. Use that leftover beef and gravy to make this stroganoff. The recipe takes just 20 minutes to make. All you need to do is saute an onion and some mushrooms, add the beef to reheat, stir in the broth and some sour cream, and serve over noodles. Get the Quick Beef Stroganoff recipe
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    Leftover Rice
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    Leftover rice doesn't have to go to waste -- and it doesn't have to be boring. Instead utilize that leftover rice in a new and unique way. Make them into burgers by using a food processor to blend all the ingredients together. The recipe also uses parsley -- and who doesn't have a bag in their freezer? Grill the patties and serve them in english muffins. Get the Mushroom and Brown Rice-Veggie Burgers recipe
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    Leftover Marmalade
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    This recipe is perfect for using leftover jelly -- a 1/4 cup to be exact. Feel free to adapt the recipe with apricot or apple jelly. The marmalade lends a sweet and tangy flavor to the beef stew, which is easily made in the slow cooker. Serve over noodles. Get the Orange-Scented Beef Stew recipe
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    Leftover Chicken Or Turkey
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    This old-fashioned casserole never goes out of style. It's your formula for an easy dinner when you've got leftover chicken or turkey. The recipe is packed with cheesy flavor much like mac and cheese. It will be a surefire hit with your family. Get the Turkey-Cheddar Tetrazzini recipe
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    Leftover Salsa
    Put that lonely jar of salsa in the back of your fridge to good use. This recipe just needs 1 1/2 cups of it, either green or red salsa, to add lots of flavor to pork shoulder. Make the recipe in the slow cooker or in the oven. Serve over quinoa or rice. Get the Slow-Cooker Braised Pork with Salsa recipe
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    WATCH: How To Make A Frittata
    Learn how to make a frittata using leftover vegetables from the fridge.