Edinburgh Zoo Pandas Back On Display After Illness

01/30/2012 12:38 pm ET | Updated Mar 31, 2012

LONDON (AP) — Two giant pandas on loan to a Scottish zoo are back on public display after they were removed to be treated for colic.

Edinburgh Zoo officials say male panda Yang Guang, diagnosed with the condition earlier this month, is recovering steadily.

They added Monday that the female, Tian Tian, is much better after she, too, fell ill with the same condition on Saturday.

Zoo vet Romain Pizzi said colic is common in giant pandas, which have sensitive digestive systems. He said it is likely that the 8-year-old pandas are just adapting to eating different bamboo than what they were used to.

The animals — whose names mean Sunshine and Sweetie — arrived from China in December, and are the first pandas to live in Britain in nearly two decades.


Edinburgh Zoo Giant Pandas