01/30/2012 03:51 pm ET

Justin Bieber Style: The Star's 10 Most Cringe-Worthy Wardrobe Choices

Justin Bieber may be golden when it comes to selling records and turning teenage girls the world over into mush, but when it comes to fashion, well, sometimes the Biebs' choices leave something to be desired. Between all his public appearances, he's had more than his share of sartorial slip-ups.

This weekend, JB wore an oversized jacket the color of blue-raspberry taffy to the 2012 NRJ Awards in France, the home of haute couture. Paired with matching bright blue sneakers, the ensemble was truly cringe-worthy. The blue jacket disaster got us thinking about the star's worst wardrobe decisions. So in honor of Bieber's fashion foul, here are 10 outrageous outfits that made us say "Oh, Baby!" -- and not in a good way.

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Biebers Most Cringe-Worthy Looks