02/02/2012 08:51 am ET

International Art Duo Creates Colorful Parking Lot

The parking lot is an often-overlooked part of our daily routine, seen as a jumping off point for the day or a transitory space. Despite its bland reputation, international art duo Craig and Karl see the parking lot as another opportunity to show their colorful perspective.

Craig & Karl, 72DP, mural installation, 2011, Courtesy of the artist

As part of an ongoing effort to create large-scale murals and installations, Craig and Karl, the globetrotting design and illustration team injected a drab underground parking lot in Sydney with a splash of color. The eye-popping paint job of "72DP" negates the boundary between wall and floor and instead treats the whole environment as one giant canvas. The geometric pattern trickles out onto the driveway, giving potential parkers a clear-cut choice for most colorful parking spot.

Craig and Karl said, "the objective of the project was to breathe new life into the space which, having been rendered in concrete with little inlet of natural light, felt quite dark and heavy." Craig works in New York while Karl is based in Sydney, but even though the two live on opposite ends of the earth, their collective style couldn't be more harmonious. View a slideshow of their installation, "72DP" below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments section.

Craig & Karl - 72DP