02/01/2012 03:45 am ET | Updated Apr 01, 2012

Abby Elliott, Nasim Pedrad And Vanessa Bayer Get Kardashian On 'Watch What Happens Live' (VIDEO)

Three of the fresh new female faces of "Saturday Night Live" sat down opposite Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens: Live" (Weeknights, 11 p.m. EST on Bravo). Abby Elliott joined the cast in 2008, followed by Nasim Pedrad in 2009 and Vanessa Bayer in 2010. While all three have begun to forge their own identities on the legendary sketch comedy show, one of their most memorable roles has been as a trio.

The three comediennes have made numerous appearances on the show as the sisters Kardashian. So Cohen put them to the test, asking each of them questions that they would then have to answer as their respective Kardashian sister. While all three put on similar air-headed personas and nasally voices, they used different inflections and accents to differentiate the sisters.

The women proved they knew some stuff about the people they were parodying as well. Elliott knew Khloe had never graduated college, while Pedrad was able to name Kim's "not-such-a-hit single," as Cohen called it. Bayer was given a tough one, given how disparate the Kardashians are in height and how close they are in age. She had to put them in age order.

The women proved that their parody comes from a place of knowing and understanding, rather than blindly just putting on airs and acting like vapid socialites.

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