Deer Crashes Into Washington D.C. Library, Later Euthanized By Animal Control (VIDEO)

02/01/2012 05:21 pm ET | Updated Feb 01, 2012

Just weeks after a deer crashed into a Goodwill store in New Jersey, workers at a Washington D.C. library experienced a very similar surprise.

Around noon, Jan. 31, a deer crashed through a window at the Washington Highlands Interim Library and ran around disoriented, bumping into objects and knocking over computers, WJLA reports. The library was closed at the time.

Although no workers were hurt during the incident, the deer suffered a broken jaw, according to My FOX DC.

"It could've been a disaster," one librarian told NBC Washington in a video interview, explaining they were fortunate no one was in the facility. "I'm glad it came in here when it did."

Animal control officers later euthanized the deer because of its injuries.

Library spokesperson George Williams told the Washington Post that the window was made of safety glass, "which breaks into small pieces instead of shards."

In recent months, several deer have wandered into restaurants, stores and even schools.

Unlike this most recent deer, the others were able to escape largely unharmed.

Deer no longer have any natural predators, so overpopulation has forced the creatures to wander into urban areas in search of food.

However, while the white-tailed deer population along the East Coast is quite healthy, the population of the animals among the northern plains has been greatly diminished by an outbreak of epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD), which has killed up to 90 percent of the deer along at least a 100-mile stretch of land.

For a look at the alarming footage, watch the video above.