UPDATE: CNN, ABC and the New York Times are now reporting that Trump will back Romney.

Despite reports that Trump will endorse Gingrich, NBC News reports that the Gingrich endorsement is by no means a done deal.

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Donald Trump will announce he is endorsing Newt Gingrich for president, sources tell 8 News NOW.

The New York Times confirms the endorsement.

Trump adviser Michael Cohen had said that the real estate mogul and Celebrity Apprentice host would make "a major announcement" on Thursday, according to the Wall Street Journal. "The announcement will pertain to the presidential race," Cohen reportedly wrote in an email.

Trump on Tuesday hinted at the annoucement, telling ABC's George Stephanopoulos that "in a very short time I'll be making an endorsement."

The reality star considered running for the Republican nomination, but decided against it last May. He recently told ABC that he wouldn't consider a third-party run.

Trump was a vocal member of the birther movement--the effort to prove that Obama wasn't really born in the United States. Several times, he demanded that the president release a copy of his birth certificate. After the document was released, Trump maintained that he wasn't sure if it was authentic.

Gingrich enters the Nevada primary after a big loss in Florida.

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Ann Coulter
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In a December 7 column, conservative pundit Ann Coulter wrote about Newt's history:

Gingrich has spent his years since [his first year as Speaker of the House] having an affair, divorcing his second wife and making money by being the consummate Washington insider -- trading on access, taking $1.6 million from Freddie Mac and palling around with Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Al Sharpton.

Even Chuck Schumer wouldn't be seen doing a joint event with Al Sharpton! But Newt seeks approval from strange places.

Newt Gingrich is the "anti-Establishment" candidate only if "the Establishment" is defined as "anyone who remembers what happened the day before yesterday."