Glenn Mulcaire Must Reveal Who Ordered Him To Hack Phones, Court Says

02/01/2012 05:42 am ET | Updated Apr 02, 2012

LONDON (AP) — A British court has ruled that private investigator Glenn Mulcaire must reveal who ordered him to hack phones, and his lawyer says he will appeal that ruling.

Mulcaire was jailed briefly in 2007 for eavesdropping on the phone messages of royal aides on behalf of the now-defunct News of the World tabloid.

Actor Steve Coogan is suing Mulcaire and Rupert Murdoch's News International after being told his phones had been hacked and wants Mulcaire to provide evidence for his case. News of the World was part of Murdoch's media empire.

Mulcaire's lawyer Sarah Webb says Mulcaire could refuse under laws that prevent self-incrimination.

Judges at the Court of Appeal said Wednesday that Mulcaire must reveal the information, but could appeal that decision to the Supreme Court. Webb said Mulcaire would appeal.


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