02/01/2012 11:21 am ET | Updated Feb 01, 2012

Jimmy Fallon Mildly Terrified Of Jeff Musial's Baboon (VIDEO)

Having an animal expert on the show is a timeless late night TV tradition, but we think we like the way Jimmy Fallon does it best.

On Tuesday night's "Late Show," Fallon was visited by the ever-corny Jeff Musial, his Nile Crocodile and Mickey the Baboon, and Fallon's reactions to the animals (and the animal expert) are pretty priceless.

"Never do that," "Please end this" and "I need new pants" are just a few of the funny things the mildly terrified late night host says after dealing with the croc and then having a baboon sit on his back and desk.

Knowing what baboons are capable of, we get why Fallon was scared -- and Musial's flat jokes just exacerbate things -- but the baboon redeems himself with a few funny tricks and some, um, "racy" poses.

Watch all that go down in part two above and check out part one of the interview below to see Fallon interact with some less threatening, more cute and cuddly things: