Man Selling Teacup Chihuahua Puppies Out Of Bag On New York Train (VIDEO)

02/01/2012 04:59 pm ET

There's something sketchy about selling puppies out of a bag while on the train (we've contacted the ASCPA for comment and will update when we hear back) but well, it's also adorable.

Watch below as a New York entrepreneur tries to pawn off 5 tiny teacup Chihuahuas to straphangers on the Brooklyn-bound 4. Males go for $250, females for $300--a price which, according to the salesman, is a steal, as the breed usually sells for $600 (and sometimes much more).

The passengers smile at the pint-sized canines but no one seems ready to buy from a random dude on the train. Or maybe it's because they know there are so many dogs in New York that need adopting.


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