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Mitt Romney's Secret Service Codename: Reader Suggestions (TWEETS)

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Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will soon be receiving Secret Service protection -- and with that protection comes a time-honored bit of speculation as to what his Secret Service codename will be.

A Romney campaign adviser told the Associated Press that the Secret Service will provide security for the former Massachusetts governor starting late Wednesday.

Rooted in Security
Secret Service codenames were established as a security safeguard, but today are largely used more as a matter of tradition and brevity. The Secret Service uses code names for presidents, their families and other prominent officials and locations.

President Barack Obama's Secret Service codename is "Renegade" and those of First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia are "Renaissance", "Rosebud" and "Radiance", respectively.

Codename: Cornbread
Former Republican presidential contender Herman Cain remarked in his book This is Herman Cain that his Secret Service codename might well be "Cornbread."

One member of my campaign staff, a young man named Nathan Naidu, insists that when I'm president my Secret Service name is going to be "Cornbread!" And in the meantime, he says, whenever he puts anything on my campaign schedule, instead of writing "Mr. Cain," I'll just be referred to as "Cornbread." Well thanks Nate! You’ve just told the whole world my future Secret Service nickname!

Your Take
The Huffington Post asked its Twitter followers to share their suggestions for Romney's Secret Service codename. Here's some of the best of what they came up with:

Mitt Romney's Secret Service Codename: Your Suggestions
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What would you suggest for Romney's codename? Tell us in the comments below.


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