02/01/2012 03:02 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2012

'Mohawks For Mom' Raises Awareness And Funds For Cancer Research

After Jane Bingham's bald Barbie petition took off, her sons came up with their own hairy cancer campaign just for their mom. They styled their strands into colorful mohawks.

When Bingham began losing her hair from her chemotherapy treatments, the Philadelphia mom told WPIX that she was traumatized at first. That's what inspired her to push Mattel to manufacture a bald Barbie, to help girls cope with hair loss.

"For some reason, women and children and are not expected to go out with a bald head, but it's acceptable for men," Bingham told the news outlet.

When Bingham's sons, Chris and Seth, saw how self-conscious their mom felt, they came up with a way to make her feel more comfortable.

The Clearview Regional High School students shaved their hair into Mohawks and launched the campaign, "Mohawks for Mom,"

"I think she was a little concerned that people would be looking at her, so to make her feel like not the only one being stared at, we decided to get mohawks," Seth, 16, told "We've changed colors a couple of times. Our mom seems to like them. She's very go-with-the-flow."

The boys are raising awareness with their spiky dos and funds, by selling "Mohawks for Mom" T-shirts at $15 a pop. The funds will support their "Relay for Life" team, started by their friend Nick Giordano, who fashioned his hair into a green mohawk. The walk, which takes place in June, raises money for the American Cancer Society.

Until then, the boys are working on spreading the word in the halls at school, a fashion statement that their principal welcomes and encourages.

"It's about their mom and raising money for cancer research," the teens' principal, Keith Brook, told "That just blows me away. And I know how the kids are here at Clearview. They're going to want to get involved, to get behind a meaningful cause. I'm very proud of these kids."

To help support "Mohawks for Mom," contact Principal Brook at 856-223-2706 or