02/01/2012 03:25 am ET Updated Apr 01, 2012

Newt Gingrich's Living Dead Campaign Will Attempt One More Terrifying Re-Animation

With the Florida primary in the books and a triumphant Mitt Romney headed out to favorable settings -- like Nevada, Arizona, and Michigan -- loaded with momentum and flush with cash, we would, in ordinary circumstances, be saying that the 2012 GOP nomination is over. Just need to have the votes, count the delegates, and call it a primary season.

But we can't quite do that, can we? And the reason we can't is because Newt Gingrich remains in the race. And he's made it clear that he will stay in the race until his spirit is crushed and his body is ground to dust. He will get by on nothing more than roaring ego and implacable rage. And you believe him, because he does such a fine job convincing you that he believes it himself. And also because the media has spent the past few months training you to understand that Gingrich is one of the most unkillable things in politics. And terrifyingly so. As one Newt-observer related to Karl Rove, "He looks enraged. He looks like a man in a full ski-mask and a chainsaw in his hand."

Whether he has the nine lives of a cat or the cold, unthinking drive of a zombified ghoul, Gingrich has clawed his way back from the grave again and again. Wouldn't it be utterly banal if he did it again?

If there's one thing that HuffPost's Hunter Stuart makes clear in his video recap of the unkillable Newt Gingrich, it's that he feasts on your fear. And also on muffins.

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