02/01/2012 01:07 pm ET

'The Voice': Adam Levine Has Love For His Castmates

Rivalry? What rivalry?

From their embrace on the cover to their kind words inside, the stars of "The Voice" make it clear in this week's issue of Rolling Stone that any alleged rivalry between them is pure fantasy.

Aguilera laughed off rumors from last fall that there was a rift between her and her fellow coach/judges Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green; she admits that she can be tough, but only because she has to be.

"You have to be a pretty strong girl to stay up in the mix with the guys," she tells the magazine. "It's a lot. It's a crazy locker-room kind of situation."

In November, Aguilera told The Insider that they do get competitive on stage, where their chosen contestants battle for singing supremacy.

"It gets really heated up there" she said. "At this point, we have such a bond. We fight hard, we play hard and I think we all want to win."

Backstage, it's a different story. Levine, for one, professed his admiration for his fellow males at the judges' table.

"Blake can say anything or do anything," he says, referring to Shelton's famously raunchy Twitter feed. "If I was like, 'I'm drunk at 4:00!' I'd be attacked. He's like, 'It's cool, fuck you, I just shot a fucking moose, kiss my ass!' He can say whatever he wants."

He also expressed jealousy over Green's ability to make interesting sartorial choices.

"He can wear white socks with sandals and still have it be fucking cool. If I did that, Blake would make fun of me."

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