02/06/2012 12:21 pm ET

Thomas Czarnecki's Fairy Tales With Deadly Endings (PHOTOS)

Not since Kanye West have we seen such a beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy. Thomas Czarnecki's photography collection 'From Enchantment to Down' portrays your favorite fairy tale princesses right before they hit the point of rigor mortis. The results will haunt even the most hardened of viewers (we're looking at you, Eli Roth fans).

The photos appear as if they were taken by a serial killer, a terrible villain who can't stand the heroines with perfect hair and clothes who always seem to get what they want. The Little Mermaid, wrapped in plastic and washed ashore, looks like a red-headed Laura Palmer, while Alice in Wonderland looks like she just walked out of The Ring. In Czarnecki's sadistic fantasies, things don't end happily ever after ... they end with broken necks.

See a slideshow of the work below and let us know if you're sufficiently traumatized in the comments section (we know we are):

Thomas Z