02/01/2012 01:03 pm ET

Todd 'Shorty' Pealer, Homeless Man, Forced To Tear Down Backyard Tent

Todd "Shorty" Pealer has spent the last two years doing favors and odd jobs for three elderly sisters in Charlotte, N.C., and their neighbors. In exchange, he slept in a tent in their backyard.

But after a visit from a Code Enforcement officer who threatened to fine the sisters, Shorty's tent was tearfully taken down; his next move still undecided, reports.

Because the agreement was on private property, the sisters and neighbors alike are confused by the enforcement. But Shorty was unwilling to see his friends get in trouble for his sake.

"These are people I love and I cherish," he told, "and they have been there for me."

Law enforcement officials told the news source they would reexamine the situation and see what the appropriate next step will be.


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