02/01/2012 05:14 pm ET | Updated Apr 02, 2012

UConn TV Station Apologizes For Rape Sketch Parody

HARTFORD, Conn. -- A student-run television station at the University of Connecticut has apologized for airing a video sketch that parodies a female student using a campus phone to report an attempted rape.

The clip ran as part of UCTV's entertainment programming. It showed the phone malfunctioning and calling the woman offensive names. It has sparked protests on campus with some student groups saying it mocks sexual assault.

UCTV removed the video from its website on Tuesday and issued an apology. It says it will review its broadcast policies and procedures.

UConn President Susan Herbst said Wednesday she hasn't seen the video but believes the station responded appropriately by removing the clip and apologizing.

The video is embedded on Gawker now.

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