02/02/2012 02:07 am ET | Updated Feb 02, 2012

'Anderson': Katherine Heigl Would Like To Do A Guest Arc Per Season On 'Grey's Anatomy'

Katherine Heigl is still talking about how she'd like to return to "Grey's Anatomy," even though it's reportedly unlikely. She continued her talk show tour in promotion of her new movie "One for the Money" by stopping by "Anderson" (Weekdays, Syndicated) to wax nostalgic about her time on the show.

She reminisced about how much the cast had grown up together through the show's early years. "We'd shot about nine episodes and they were kind of talking about not airing it; that they didn't like it," she said. "And then they aired the first nine and our whole lives changed."

While she clarified that she didn't think she'd be able to go back full time to the series because "the whole point was to spend more time with my kid," she had a solution that would work best for her busy schedule. "The best of all worlds would be able to do like an arc every season."

So is Heigl trying to use the press and media to angle for a job back on "Grey's Anatomy"? Certainly her aggressive tactic of talking about it on every stop of her recent press tour has her "Anatomy" character Izzie on everyone's minds now.

Katherine Heigl can currently be seen in theaters nationwide starring in "One for the Money." "Anderson" airs weekdays in syndication. Check local listings for channel and time.

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