02/02/2012 11:26 am ET

Luis Ortiz, Accused Shooter Of NYPD Officer Kevin Brennan, Taunts Reporters (VIDEO)

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The accused shooter of NYPD officer Kevin Brennan is expected to be arraigned in court on an attempted murder charge on Thursday.

Luis "Baby" Ortiz appeared outside a Brooklyn police precinct on Wednesday in handcuffs, taunting onlookers in a heated commotion while yelling "I love the Latin Kings."

Oritz jeered at photographers telling them, "Yeah, take a picture of me." A woman then started to punch the police car Ortiz was getting into, screaming "F*ck the police! I hate the f*cking cops!" As the vehicle drove away, some members of the crowd attempted to chase the vehicle.

29-year old Officer Brennan was shot in the base of his skull on Tuesday after chasing Ortiz, who allegedly turned around and fired a shot at the officer. Brennan, a six-year veteran of the department, is currently in critical condition but doctors say a full recovery is expected.

Oritz was later found hiding in his uncle's house located at 390 Bushwick Avenue.

The suspect has a record of 14 arrests that include various drug and violence charges and was already being searched for in connection to the murder of known drug addict, Shannon McKinney, who was found dead on January 1 in front of a supermarket.

In a press conference hours after the bullet was removed from Ortiz's head, Mayor Bloomberg told reporters Brennan was a lucky man to be alive, "Tonight we have someone who have someone who has dedicated his life to protecting all of us, who has had a much too close brush with death. Thankfully tonight I think there's no reason to think [Maeve's] daddy won't be there to see her crawl for the first time and, in good time dance at her wedding."