02/02/2012 01:18 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2012

Piers Morgan: College Tuition 'Heart Of America's Educational Problem' (VIDEO)

Piers Morgan offered a harsh critique of the American educational system on his Wednesday show.

The CNN host was interviewing finance guru Suze Orman in front of an audience. In a question-and-answer session, one audience member wanted to know if her son should take out student loans to attend a prestigious university, or accept a full scholarship to a lower-tier school. Morgan called the dilemma a "brilliant question" that "cuts to the absolute heart of America's educational problem." He said that the student was clearly "very bright," but was being priced out of the very best education.

"Welcome to America, Piers!" Orman said. She advised the student to go to the college that gave him a full scholarship.

"I refuse to believe that what gets you a great job, what makes a great career, is the school that you went to," she said.

Morgan came down harder on the inequalities of the American educational system. "Bright students should not be priced out of this kind of educational opportunity," he said. "The government of this country should be looking at this specific kind of case and fixing it so these students are not laden with debt."


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