02/02/2012 03:19 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2012

'The Secret Circle': Shelley Hennig Previews 'Medallion,' Diana's Feelings For Adam And Fayana

What's in store for Diana (Shelley Hennig) on "The Secret Circle"? Moving on from Adam (Thomas Dekker) is definitely number one on her list of priorities. But first, she's going to have to help plan his birthday party, which is ultimately going to make it difficult for Diana -- "The Good Witch" of the circle -- to get Adam out of her head.

"It's still going to be hard for Diana," Hennig, 25, tells HuffPost TV. "You can't just pass on your boyfriend of four years to someone else, so it's going to be interesting to see how she deals with it. She's obviously still hurting, and Diana can only keep up this facade for so long. When she told Adam that he could go after Cassie (Britt Robertson), it was to make sure that Diana and Adam were meant to be."

In Thursday night's episode "Medallion," Hennig promises that fans will finally get to know a bit of Adam and Diana's four-year history. "You definitely start to learn more about their past, but what's more interesting, is to see how their past together affects their time apart in the future. It's a big 'where do we go from here?' moment for the two of them."

In the upcoming episode, Diana is enlisted to help plan Adam's birthday party, something that she's been doing for the past four years. However, now that they're not together, it's harder than she ever anticipated.

"It's so odd and uncomfortable [for her]," says Hennig. "But Adam's had a rough time lately with his father and Diana knows this, so she wants to make sure that he has a special day. Diana's really the only one who can pull this party off. By the end of the episode, Diana definitely starts to have feelings for Adam again."

Thankfully, she has Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) -- and her anti-Valentine's Day party -- to help her try to get over him. While Faye seems like an unlikely ally for Diana, Hennig teases that the two will be spending more quality time together, much to the delight of "Fayana" fans.

"The Fayana moments are coming!," says Hennig. "There may be some understanding between them, but with that being said, Diana is still Diana and Faye is still Faye. They are totally different in every way possible, but we have some good scenes coming up, which I'm really excited for. It's kind of like Faye and Diana are two sides of Cassie -- little devil and angel on her shoulder for sure!"

However, just because Diana and Faye get a little closer doesn't mean that Diana is going to turn her back on Cassie. In fact, with the return of Cassie's father John Blackwell on the horizon, expect Diana to be the most supportive of his return.

"Diana is really intrigued by him," reveals Hennig. "She's always wanted to know more about her mother, and here's Cassie with her father back after 16 years. You'll see people start to take sides in the circle. We all have different opinions about whether we should trust him."

One could even say that the relationship between Cassie and Diana is almost sisterly. Could their instantaneously close friendship mean that Diana is the unknown other child of Blackwell, which has had fans guessing since the beginning? "We know nothing," explains Hennig. "As a cast, we don't have a clue. All we can do on our breaks is try and figure out who it is. We all have our own theories. Hopefully, it's not Adam. That would be awkward. [Laughs.]"

"The Secret Circle" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on The CW. As much as we love "The Secret Circle," Diana wasn't the first teenage witch to cast a spell on us. Check out a few of our favorite supernatural characters below.


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