02/02/2012 02:30 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2012

'The View': Elisabeth Hasselbeck Defends Mitt Romney's 'Very Poor' Gaffe (VIDEO)

The day after he won a decisive victory in the Florida Republican primary, Mitt Romney wasted no time in giving his political opponents more ammunition to paint him as an out-of-touch rich guy. In a CNN interview with Soledad O'Brien, Romney said, "I'm not concerned about the very poor." On Thursday, the ladies of "The View" (weekdays on ABC) debated Romney's comments, and as usual, the panel's most outspoken conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck found herself in the middle of the argument.

First, Hasselbeck tried to interpret what Romney was trying to say. "It's like saying, 'Okay, we've got mold in the main floor of our home. I know the attic's okay. I know that we've got all systems go in the basement. But we need to fix the mold, right here right now so that things don't get worse," she analogized.

As the other ladies around the table gasped at her explanation, Joy Behar took the opportunity to point out that Romney's tax plan would increase taxes on the poor while decreasing taxes on the rich and middle-class.

But it was Sherri Shepherd who spoke the most passionately about the need to help Americans struggling with poverty. "If you or Mitt Romney think that a safety net for the poor, which is food stamps and welfare, that's a safety net, somebody is disillusioned. They're hanging on by the skin of their teeth. They want to get a better situation as well. So if you go, 'The floor, you're fine, you've got a safety net' ... then you are out of touch."

As the audience applauded Shepherd's point, Hasselbeck tried to distance herself from Romney's comments. Raising her voice, she yelled, "No no no, I'm not gonna be accused of thinking the same way as Mitt Romney. All I'm saying is this: I gave an analogy for what he said. I'm not running for president, thank effing god."

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