02/03/2012 06:49 pm ET | Updated Feb 04, 2012

HUFFPOST FUNDRACE - These People Really Love Mitt Romney

They really love Mitt! Who are Mitt Romney's small donors? Who repeatedly donates small amounts to a candidate known for raising a very small sum of his campaign funds from small donors? HuffPost's Jason Cherkis talked to some them. Read what they had to say.

Some answers to the question, "Why Romney?"

"He has [a] background in both governing and business which I think we need right now ... Also, I like his stances on several issues. I think there were many that I was interested in. And, uh, I'm not at liberty to talk about them right now. Um, I don't have a list of them right now in front of me so I can't go into them in any detail."

"He sounds like he could be president. I sure don't want to support that Obama ... I didn't vote for him because he was black and his religion was Muslim. [Romney] sounds all right to me."

"I think he's a brilliant man. The fact that he's become a millionaire in our country is an indication that it is possible to live under capitalism and succeed."

"But it became evident pretty quickly that he was the best prepared candidate ... I think his plans are doable. Even take his proposals in terms of fixing taxes and things. Those are plans you could get bipartisan support on."

"He's presidential."

Another good question: who gives $100 to a super PAC? The American Prospect caught up with some low dollar super PAC donors.

Stephen Colbert reveals the biggest super PAC donors.

What was left out of the super PAC filings?

Michigan Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra bought time to air a Super Bowl ad. He says you can watch it early, but only if you donate to his campaign.

One of Romney's bundlers is a registered foreign lobbyist. Another one of his super PAC donors is tied to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Los Angeles may raise contribution limits.

"Karl Rove tweeted about you." A message from the Obama campaign teasing Rove.


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Committee: American Bridge 21st Century
Candidate Opposed: Mitt Romney
Spot: "The Only Difference Between Trump And Romney? The Hair"
Link: [http://youtu.be/tO98WWVCQnc]
Market: YouTube.
Buy: None. Just a web video.

Committee: Newt Gingrich for President
Candidate Opposed: Mitt Romney, Barack Obama
Spot: "I'm George Soros And I Approve This Candidate"
Link: [http://youtu.be/wAkKl3Y8xmQ]
Market: YouTube.
Buy: None. Just a web video.

Committee: Barack Obama for President
Spot: "One Term President?"
Link: [http://youtu.be/Tn4hijKmMNk]
Market: YouTube.
Buy: None. Just a web video.

Committee: Democratic National Committee
Candidate opposed: Mitt Romney
Spot: "Some of the Time"
Link: [http://youtu.be/k6m5wfJCHJQ]
Market: YouTube.
Buy: None. Just a web video.


These numbers represent spending by independent groups, like super PACs and non-profits, to support or oppose a particular candidate for the presidency in 2012. Fundrace will update this spending daily to help show which candidates are gaining from the proliferation of independent groups in this coming election.

Newt Gingrich (R), $5,226,377 to support, $17,062,904 to oppose.
Mitt Romney (R), $2,216,953 to support, $5,076,110 to oppose.
Rick Perry (R), $4,167,697 to support, $1,404 to oppose.
Ron Paul (R), $3,626,957 to support, $133,333 to oppose.
Jon Huntsman (R), $2,453,204 to support, $0 to oppose.
Rick Santorum (R), $2,182,031 to support, $397,503 to oppose.
Barack Obama (D), $24,468 to support, $685,730 to oppose.
Herman Cain (R), $501,717 to support, $954 to oppose.
Gary Johnson (R), $518 to support, $0 to oppose.

Numbers have been fixed to reflect those collected by HuffPost's automatic FEC data retrieval system.


Endorse Liberty, $36,903 to support Ron Paul for President.
Winning Our Future, $21,160 to Newt Gingrich for President in Nevada.
New Prosperity Foundation, $27,242 to oppose Bob Foster for Congress in Illinois' Eleventh District.
Priorities USA Action, $61,115 to oppose Mitt Romney for President in Florida.


AZ-08 Nominee Fund, Washington, D.C., Treasurer: Robert Jentgens.
Hartford Financial Services, Hartford, Conn., Treasurer: Beth A. Bombara.
Real Street Conservatives, Houston, Texas, Treasurer: Jerad Navjar. (Super PAC)

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