'Instant Revolution' Honors Art Of The Polaroid

02/06/2012 09:17 am 09:17:22

The polaroid camera, master of the instant image, is both a perfect art form for our age of instant-gratification as well as a retro relic of a lost art form. The exhibition 'INSTANT REVOLUTION' will pay tribute to the much beloved Polaroid and its 60-year influence on analog photography.

'INSTANT REVOLUTION' is a joint venture from 'Polaroid' and 'Impossible'. It will feature 5 influential and experimental contemporary photographers' photos captured with the last original Polaroid Spectra film production run from 2008, one of the first products introduced as part of the Polaroid Classic line. Get washed away in the dreamy yesteryear of Polaroid cool -- just remember not to try and shake the pictures!

'INSTANT REVOLUTION' will feature work from Gary Baseman, James Franco, Maripol, Mary Ellen Mark and Jennifer Juniper Stratford. It will show at The Impossible Project Space NYC from February 9 to March 23 2012 and online.


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