Jerry Seinfeld Acura Ads Extended Cuts: Basically, Seinfeld Stand-Up Bits (VIDEOS)

02/03/2012 03:22 pm ET | Updated Feb 03, 2012

Jerry Seinfeld has a big hit on his hands -- 10.7 million hits and counting, actually -- for starring in an Acura commercial that will debut at the Super Bowl where Jerry shows the lengths he'd go to in order to get a car after learning he's on the waitlist. The ad is the best example we've seen in years of why Seinfeld is considered one of comedy's living legends.

Acura has done the smart thing in releasing five web-only exclusive ads that extend the bits from the first commercial, effectively giving us five top-notch comedy videos starring Jerry Seinfeld doing what he does best.

Check out the clip of above Seinfeld referencing day job as a stand-up comedian, and below, a slideshow with four more funny, web-only outtakes from the commercial.