02/03/2012 02:37 pm ET | Updated Feb 03, 2012

Steven Van Zandt Previews 'Lilyhammer,' Says 'Sopranos' Movie Unlikely (VIDEO)

It's been a few years since Steven Van Zandt last played a mobster, but the man who played Tony Soprano's consigliere Silvio Dante has a new mafia project, "Lilyhammer," which premieres on Netflix Monday, Feb. 6. Van Zandt stopped by "Good Day New York" (weekdays, 7 a.m. EST on Fox) where he previewed the series, and broke the sad news that the chances of a "Sopranos" movie getting made were slim.

In "Lilyhammer," Van Zandt plays a character named Frank the Fixer, a New York mobster who rats on his boss and flees to Norway. "He was passed over, he was supposed to be the boss, and they put this other guy in who gets jealous and tries to kill him. And because everybody loves him, he's shocked by someone trying to kill him and overreacts. So instead of moving to Nevada or Arizona, he goes to Norway," Van Zandt explained.

When Rosanna Scotto asked him about a possible "Sopranos" movie, Van Zandt said he didn't think it was likely to happen, despite the series' ambiguous ending that seemed to leave that door open. "I don't think so. Half the cast is dead," he joked, before reminding the hosts that Silvio is "still breathing" after getting shot in the Bada Bing parking lot. "Just in case the movie does happen, Silvio will be there, but nah, it doesn't look likely, it really doesn't," he said.

"Sopranos" fans may just have to get their mafia drama fix from "Lilyhammer" instead.

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