02/03/2012 05:27 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Passion Fruit Puree: Why You Should Use It

Are your winter meals getting a little drab ... a little bland ... a little boring? If you're shaking your head yes as you read those words, just know that you're not alone. We could all use a little pick me up come the beginning of February. And we at Kitchen Daily have just the solution -- frozen passion fruit puree. You've probably passed it numerous times in the freezer aisle at your grocery store, not knowing that a fresh taste of the tropics was just at your finger tips.

While some of us can find this little purple fruit year round, it's just a bit easier to opt for the already prepared, ready to use, frozen puree. Despite its small size, passion fruit is surprisingly fragrant and boasts complex flavors. It's a little bit sweet and tart, citrusy and refreshing all at once. All you have to do is keep your freezer stocked with this potent puree, and when the mood for a bold new flavor strikes, you can reach for your frozen reserve.

Just a little bit of passion fruit puree is all you'll need to reinvent the flavors in your kitchen -- and it's a great solution to elevate weeknight dinner. Using the puree in a sauce to top your fish or chicken dish really takes things up a notch, as does whisking some into your everyday salad dressing recipe. Its flavors can awaken you in the morning when served atop your yogurt. And just a swirl of it in your evening cocktail will instantly transport you to vacation mode. But the best part is that you can feel good about this tangy indulgence, since it's chock-full of vitamins and much needed nutrients.

If you can't find the puree in the frozen section of your super market you can always order the fruit pulp, juice or puree online -- and trust us, it's totally worth the effort. And while it may seem a little bit pricey, it will last you a long time and improve many, many dishes.

Sources for passion fruit:
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