02/07/2012 12:59 pm ET

David Anthony Hall Makes The World's Smallest Gallery (VIDEO)

It's sometimes easy to forget that viewing art online is only a fragment of the experience of viewing a piece in real life. Artist David Anthony Hall became frustrated with the inability to show his works in their fullest forms; as nine by five foot photographs of natural expanses, much of their magical intensity was lost when displayed online. It is difficult to translate the wonder and majesty of a towering forest to a 17-inch computer screen.

Since Hall couldn't make the computer screen bigger, he decided to make the gallery space smaller, making the 17 inches of digital screen the literal gallery space in which he could display his works. He created a gallery 1/50th the scale of his previous work, with models at 36 mm tall. Now viewers can get a feel -- through placing themselves in the model viewers' itty bitty feet -- for how overwhelming Hall's photographs truly are.

The digi-gallery is called One2Fifty Gallery and you can visit it here and only here.

World's Smallest Gallery