02/04/2012 11:35 pm ET | Updated Feb 05, 2012

Super Bowl 2012: Giants vs. Patriots LIVE UPDATES

Super Bowl XLVI
New England Patriots (13-3)
New York Giants (9-7)
Lucas Oil Stadium
Indianapolis, IN
6:29 P.M. EST

"The best revenge is massive success." - Frank Sinatra

It will surely have been a good night for the New York Giants if Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" is blaring from the public address system at Lucas Oil Stadium at the conclusion of Super Bowl XLVI. On the other hand, the New England Patriots are the team angling to live out the Chairman of the Board's famous quote about revenge.

Don't let anything that Tom Brady, Bill Belichick or anyone in a Patriots uniform says disabuse you of the notion that Super Bowl XLII loomed large in the psyches of both teams leading up to Sunday. Well, there is one exception. Believe Rob Gronkowski. He probably wasn't thinking about it much.

Of course, that this is Round II of one of the most compelling NFL games of all time is merely one of several interesting subplots. After all, who would have thought at the beginning of the 2011 season that Eli Manning would have a chance to surpass his older brother Peyton -- perhaps permanently -- in Super Bowl championships? Who would have thought that defensive mastermind Bill Belichick would take his Patriots to another Super Bowl with one of the worst defenses in the league? Meanwhile, Tom Brady has a chance to win his fourth Super Bowl, tying him with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for most all time.

And, don't forget that we'll be treated to another barrage of Super Bowl commercials.


02/05/2012 9:53 PM EST


Brady drops back in the shotgun, launches a pass to the end zone but it falls INCOMPLETE AND THE NEW YORK GIANTS DO IT AGAIN. THEY'RE SUPER CHAMPS!

02/05/2012 9:52 PM EST

2nd and 5

Brady looks for Branch on the left side again but he catches it out of bounds so it's ruled incomplete. 5 SECONDS LEFT!

02/05/2012 9:51 PM EST

Brady looks deep for the end zone but the ball falls incomplete. Giants are flagged for too many men on the field. 5-yard penalty and now there are 9 SECONDS LEFT!

02/05/2012 9:51 PM EST

No Timeouts

Brady hits Hernandez in the middle of the field at the 44 and then they have to spike it! 17 seconds left.

02/05/2012 9:50 PM EST

4th and 15

Brady escapes from the pressure, goes from the right side to the left and hits Branch on the left side and out of boudns. Stops the clock. Ball on the 33.

02/05/2012 9:49 PM EST

3rd and 10

Brady gets SACKED AT THE 13-YARD LINE. Patriots are forced to call their second timeout!

02/05/2012 9:48 PM EST

2nd and 10

ANOTHER DROP! Brady looks for Hernandez on a crossing route but the tight end dropped it! 3rd and 10 coming.

02/05/2012 9:47 PM EST


Brady steps up in the pocket and launches a deep pass to Branch, but the pass is behind him and the ball goes off his hands. Branch had so much space to run!

02/05/2012 9:46 PM EST


Edelman downs it in the end zone for a touchdown. Brady has 80 yards to win it.

02/05/2012 9:45 PM EST

Giants can't convert the 2-point conversion and they take a 21-17 LEAD!