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Super Bowl 2012: How Brady, Manning Stack Up Off The Field

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Chris Spurlock/The Huffington Post
Chris Spurlock/The Huffington Post

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning gathered impressive stats to guide their teams to Sunday's Super Bowl. But what about their financials?

Huffington Post Business compared three key assets -- real estate, endorsements and salary -- to determine a winner. (Hint: It's the three-time Super Bowl champ with the supermodel wife. But as they might be saying in New York, who's counting?)

Click on the Real Estate, Salary and Endorsements buttons in the interactive graphic below for more details.

Our super disclaimer: Reported figures do vary, and endorsement estimates do not include hidden incentives and player performance bonuses. Other real estate transactions may have occurred without being publicized. This isn't science; it's the Super Bowl.


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