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'The Voice' Season 2 Premiere Drinking Game

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After the Super Bowl, "The Voice" returns for its sophomore season. And though some things will change -- there's a new crop of contestants, new celebrity mentors (Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert, to name a few) and maybe, new "American Idol" beef -- some things are sure to stay the same.

From Christina Aguilera's bickering with the boys on the judging panel to Cee Lo Green's affinity for tinted eyewear, there are certain elements of "The Voice" we can count on resurfacing in Season 2.

So in the spirit of this beer-guzzling day of football, check out the drinking game HuffPost TV created for the two-hour second season premiere of "The Voice" below!

NOTE: The Huffington Post in no way encourages binge drinking. This is for entertainment purposes only. We do not recommend you actually drink as much as we suggest below because that would be far less pretty than Cee Lo's pearly white teeth.

"The Voice" premieres on Sun. Feb. 5, after the Super Bowl at 10:30 p.m. EST on NBC.

Adam Levine is wearing something other than a jean or leather jacket.Drink for three seconds.
Christina Aguilera makes a reference to the judging panel being boys' club.Drink for two seconds.
"American Idol" is referenced.Chug.
Cee Lo flirts with a young female hopeful.Drink for two seconds.
Carson Daly smiles.Drink for two seconds.
All four judges turn around for one auditionee.Chug.
Christina Aguilera turns around for a male contestant.Drink for three seconds.
Someone sings a song by one of the judges.Chug.
The singer has visible tattoos.Take a sip.
Someone sings Adele.Drink for three seconds.
Cee Lo is not wearing glasses.Chug.
Carson Daly gives someone a high five.Drink for two seconds.
An auditionee cries.Take a sip.
An auditionee's family members cry.Take a sip.
You hear the word "country."Drink for three seconds.
"Moves Like Jagger" is referenced.Chug.
Javier Colon, last year's winner, is referenced.Chug.
Christina Aguilera lets out a TRL-esque "Woo!" Take a sip. (Drink for three seconds if she simultaneously throws her hands in the air.)
You see a bald female auditionee.Chug.
Someone mentions being a huge fan of one of the judges.Drink for three seconds.
Cee Lo wears something furry.Drink for three seconds.

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