02/06/2012 03:28 pm ET | Updated Feb 07, 2012

Andrew Zimmern Eats Cow Placenta On 'Bizarre Foods America' Seattle Episode (VIDEO)

On Monday night's episode of "Bizarre Foods America" on the Travel Channel, Andrew Zimmern headed to Seattle to visit George Page of Seabreeze Farm. While there, Zimmern witnessed the birth of a calf, and then took a look at the afterbirth, which includes the placenta. In his travels, Zimmern has seen placenta bagged up and sold as an ultra-dense source of protein, but he was never willing to try it. Since this version of cow placenta was extremely fresh, he gave it a shot. "Sweet, nutty, livery," Zimmern quipped. He found it very mild with a "beautiful" aftertaste.

Cow placenta wasn't all though. After a cow gives birth, she has a special kind of protein-rich milk called colostrum, only available during the first 24 hours after the calf is born. He sampled this special milk as well. "That's dairy in the extreme," he said, "This just tastes like the cream of the cream of the cream."