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Marion Barry: Redskins Owner Dan Snyder 'Sucks'

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WASHINGTON -- Amid endless tweets during Sunday's Super Bowl game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots, there was some noteworthy local scuttlebutt about the Washington Redskins, who finished this past season with a very woeful 5-11 record.

This fact is certainly well known to any Redskins fan. It's also something that former District of Columbia Mayor Marion Barry (D), who currently represents Ward 8 on the D.C. Council, is aware of.

In some Twitter banter on Sunday, Barry made a bold declaration about the Redskins:

Marion S. Barry, Jr.
You know, the Redskins suck. I'm tired of watching everyone else in the Superbowl. Aint been right since they left DC.

That tweet was retweeted across the social media ethos more than 50 times. But Barry wasn't done with the Redskins, which left the District of Columbia for Maryland when he was mayor.

Barry also bemoaned team owner Dan Snyder:

That sentiment is something that Barry shares with many Redskins fans.

Marion S. Barry, Jr.
Time to bring some pride back to this city.Remember the energy when Doug Williams won the Superbowl? We LOVED our team & they loved us back.

In the end, Barry seemed to try to put the negativity behind and look forward to next season.

Marion S. Barry, Jr.
Good night DC. There's always next season for us. If we beat the Giants, it's in us to take it all the way next time.