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Syria Refugees In Jordan Tell Their Crackdown Stories (VIDEO)

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On a day when the United States closed its embassy in Syria, Time showcases a video on the plight of Syrian refugees as they flee across the border from Daraa, Syria, to Ar Ramtha, Jordan.

Construction workers, teachers and farmers who would rather sit in a Jordanian detention center than stay in their homeland shed light on living conditions under the bloody rule of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The filmmaker, Brent Huffman, smuggled his gear into the detention center, saying he was inspired by the refugees' "dedication to their revolution despite lacking any kind of military support and after losing so many young men to the fight."

While they face difficult conditions in the detention center, these men remain hopeful that their cause will prevail, with one saying, "the regime is like a drowning man in his last moments."

Watch the video from Time below:

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