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Twin Babies Bounce To Johnny Cash (VIDEO)

First Posted: 02/ 6/2012 9:16 am Updated: 02/ 7/2012 4:46 am

Here we are on yet another Monday morning -- and with the Super Bowl last night, we can imagine that plenty of people aren't feeling their best today.

But not to worry! While we can't help with the indigestion, disappointment and/or hangover that some of you undoubtedly have, we DO have nine-month old twins Reece and Levi bouncing in their Jolly Jumpers to Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" for nearly three minutes.

And it's adorable.

So sit back, press play and watch what obviously should have been the music video for this classic Cash song, and before you leave make sure you scroll down for even more funny twin baby videos to get you through the day.

Via Buzzfeed

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