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Valentine's Day Gifts For Women, From Etsy

First Posted: 02/ 6/2012 9:49 am Updated: 02/ 6/2012 10:03 am

Valentine's Day is a great excuse to celebrate all the amazing women that you count on every day. Whether it's your best friend, the girl you gossip with at work, your mother or your girlfriend, most women have no shortage of other women in their lives that deserve appreciation. While there's no need to get too swept up in Valentine's-related money spending, it is a good excuse to make a few thoughtful purchases.

So here are some gifts from Etsy for all the lady loves in your life -- romantic or not. And not one of them is a stuffed animal or a box of chocolates.

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For The Crafty Lady
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Be Mine Paper Cut Valentine | $10 |

These cards are perfect for the woman in your life who appreciates some great DIY -- or just a pretty card. "My cards are written and drawn by hand, each and every one. They are also hand cut," says shop owner Ashley. These could also be perfect Valentine's Day tokens for your work friends -- they make great V-Day desk decorations.

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